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Contamination Control - Air Curtains
Model: MC16/36, MC16/48

  • High on Efficency
  • Fibreglass Weather Proof Casing
  • Aluminium Fan Impellers
  • Vee Belt Drive Allows for Optimum Performance at Varying Door Heights
  • Complete with Mounting Brackets
  • Design Allows for Multiple Installations - Side by Side
  • Designed and approved to meet Depatment of Primary Industry Specifications


The Conditionaire MC 16 Range of Air Curtains have been designed to discharge a high velocity narrow jet of air over the face of a door and are usuallly installed with grilles angled out 15 to 20 degrees to provide a powerful industrial air door with above average velocity.

They are used to repel insects, dirt, dust, winds etc. and are approved by the Department of Primary Industry for usage in meat Industry for fly exclusion. Standard units can be fitted with motors up to 3.0kw.

The graph illustrated below indicates the various start velocities and the RPM and kW required. This graph is a selection guide only and heavy duty applications should be referred to our Engineering Department.

When used for fly repel the curtain should be mounted outside the door and angles at 15 degrees. Dust and dirt repel applications should also be mounted outside the door with suitable filters arranged to filter the jet air stream (refer Technical Installation Manuals).


MODEL MC 16/36 MC 16/48
Case Length 914mm 1220mm
Overall Length 1090mm 1400mm
Depth 710mm 710mm
Height 685mm 685mm
Outlet Grill 100mm x 914mm 100mm x 1220mm
Weight 70kg 80kg


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